Star Sign Company

1383 South Bishop Ave. ~ , MO ~ Phone: 573-364-3876

Architectural Sign Choices
Post and panel style (illuminated & non-illuminated), wall mount and projecting
style (interior & exterior), directories & bulletin boards, and cast metal plaques.

Stock Message Sign Choices
Star Sign Company offers banners, plastic signs, traffic signs, OSHA regulatory signs, and engraved plastic signs.

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Vinyl Sign Choices
Letters, Logos, large digital photos and graphics, all finely crafted from vinyl, can be found at Star Sign Company.

Letter Choices
Star Sign Company offers lettering constructed of many different materials. Your letters may be plastic (vacuum formed, injection molded, flat cut out, letter trim, foam), wood (cut out plywood, routed wood), metal (cast aluminum & bronze, flat cut out letters & logos, baked enamel, & porcelain enamel)
Sign above: Custom made banner
Sign above: Custom made aluminum sign
& marquee sign